“WE   H A V E   P O I P U S !”
By Mary Adams
copyright  1998

Download the entire We Have Poipus! Script (PDF)

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NARRATOR: And so MOUSETRAP and all the children left.  LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO and VENUS met some of their other friends on the way to the park and took them to meet MOUSETRAP to try some of his drugs.

Scene III: A background showing the sky
It is a large scroll which unwinds from stage right to stage left.  When the scroll unwinds, thirty birds are shown flying accross the stage, one behind the other.  Each bird is bearing a banner with a year starting with the present to thirty years hence.

FATHER TIME: “Oh, dear!  The children have all left, and I did so want to talk to them.  I came to give them warning and to encourage them.  I want them all to know how special they are!  You see, there’s only one like each one of them in the whole world and so they must use their talents and gifts wisely.  They must also heed the advice of others who care and who want to help them.  There are so many traps in their life.  And, time passes so fast!  So fast!!”

(He leaves the stage but forgets to take his clock.)

(After Father Time leaves, the scroll starts to unroll showing the birds flying across the stage.)

(As the years go by, the following song is sung):

Download the Tic Toc Song Audi0 File

Tic Toc goes the clock

30 tics and 30 tocs
Makes 60 seconds of tic toc!
60 seconds makes a minute
And every minute counts!
60 minutes makes an hour
An hour of day or night
Tic toc goes the clock
Tic toc tic toc it never stops!
Tic on the short hand
On the clock
Around they go
And back to the top!
Tic for the moon
And toc for the sun
That’s 12 for the dark
And 12 for the light
Tic toc a day to live
Let’s choose to live it right!
Tic toc for seven days
Another week is gone!
Four weeks to a month
No matter where you run
Twelve months to a year
Time flies- oh yes, it’s clear!
Time flies- the years go by!
Bye!  Bye!
Tweet!  Tweet!  Tweet!  Tweet!  Tweet!

(Curtain closes)