“WE   H A V E   P O I P U S !”
By Mary Adams
copyright  1998

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Scene VII

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LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “Hey!  Where did the Decision Maker go?”

GREEN MEANIE: “He left, but remember … he’s still with us in our minds!”

FIREBALL: “He’s with us but this is going to be hard!  I don’t like those creeps on the other side of town and I don’t like those dudes that are the other colors either!”

(The other puppets all gasp)

ALL TOGETHER: “That’s wrong!”

FIREBALL: “Yes, I guess you’re right!  If I have poipus, I can’t have hate in my heart!” “Hey!  Watch the threads.  This is my best shirt!”

LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “FIREBALL!  We’re going to help you!  You must learn to control your temper!”

VACUUM: “You must learn to count to ten!”

FIREBALL: “Hrumphh!  Ten!!  I can’t count to ten!”

LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “Then only count to nine and you’ll be happy most the time!”

FIREBALL: “Hrumphh!  OK!  OK!  One!  Two!”

VACUUM: “That’s it!  Two counts, you have won!  Soon you’ll be done!  Now, three!”

FIREBALL: “Hrumphh!  OK Three!”

LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “You’re starting to be free!  Now, four!”


VACUUM: “The Decision Maker will help you do more!”

FIREBALL: “Five!  If I keep my cool, I will stay alive!”

ALL:  “Now comes six!  Six counts you have licked!”

FIREBALL: “Seven!  If I can make two more, I can make my way to Heaven!”

ALL:  “That’s great!  Now, eight!”

FIREBALL: “Eight!  It’s not too late!!  Even I can change my fate!  Nine!  I’m not even mad anymore!  Just give it a little time-you need only count to nine!!”

(A duplicate puppet painted in cool colors reappears on the stage)

FIREBALL: “I’m back!  I’ve changed!  I feel so much better!”

VACUUM: “And, you look so much better.  You’re not all red anymore.  And your veins aren’t popping out of your head anymore.  And your hair stays on top your head where it belongs!”

GREEN MEANIE: “Instead of being a FIREBALL, you look ON THE BALL!”

FIREBALL: “Thank you!  You know, if I can learn to control my temper, anyone can!  There’s no sense in having a short fuse!  You can only lose!  If you get mad, you just got to get glad again!”

GREEN MEANIE: “And, we all have to learn to get along.  To appreciate and to respect each other!”

FIREBALL: “You’re right!”  “I’m going to go to school to study violence prevention and peace making.  I want the world to be a free and safe place so children can go outside and play.  And, a peaceful place so families will not be torn apart, and so nations can get along so there will be no more wars … no more gang wars … no more wars in families and no more wars between nations!”

ALL:”That’s a great idea!”

LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “And, what about you, MOUSETRAP?”

MOUSETRAP: “I’m through selling drugs!  I’m going to be a legitimate business entrepreneur.  I’m going to start businesses so people can have  good jobs.”

ALL TOGETHER: “That’s a great idea!”

MOUSETRAP: “I’m going to create jobs where people can feel proud of what they do.  Jobs where people help people, not destroy people, like  with drugs!  Drugs do nothing but cause pain and destroy lives!!”

ALL TOGETHER: “That’s for sure!!!”

GREEN MEANIE: “We must all try to make the world a better place!”

LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “We must respect ourselves and each other!”

FIREBALL: “We must get along, no matter where we’re from or what our color!”

MOUSETRAP: “And, we must learn from our mistakes!”

(Song, “We’re all one under the sun”)

(As the song is sung, a bird flies by with a banner that says “Peace”.  At the conclusion, the puppets all shake hands and hug.)

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We’re All One (Under The Sun)

East side West side
North side South side
We’re all one
Under the sun
Black, White, Green or Violet
We’re all one
Under the sun
To the Decision Maker our color is silent…
Life is full of many choices
But color is not a choice we make!
and for Us!…
Wherever we live
We must take
As we travel through our lives
Everyone has some strife
The choice is this
That we make
Do we learn from our mistakes
There’s only one thing that matters
When all is said and done
That is this…
Life is full of many choices
As we live our lives
We must live our lives with poipus!


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LEONARDO DA SNOZZIO: “This is so wonderful!”

VACUUM: “We can still make the right choices!”

MOUSETRAP: “It’s not too late after all!”


FIREBALL: “CRUISER and VENUS!  Have you heard?”

VENUS: “Yes!  We heard!”

& CRUISER: “We have poipus!”

CRUISER: “And, we will never do drugs again!”

NARRATOR: And so, all the children went on with their lives, fulfilling their dreams and living their lives with poipus. We would like you now to join  hands with the person next to you and repeat after me.

(AUDIENCE joins hands.)






AUDIENCE: “Poipus!”


NARRATOR: We would like you now to shake hands with the people around you and say, “Peace”.
This concludes our show!  Thank you very much for your attention and participation.

Go now, in peace!