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Contemporary Issues in Art Education
by Yvonne Gaudelius (Editor), Peg Speirs (Editor)

From the Back Cover:
An anthology based on contemporary art issues being addressed in the art world, in critical theory, in education and in art education, Contemporary Issues in Art Education provides a complex of conceptual frameworks within three sections—theoretical frameworks, content, and pedagogical strategies. The contributors—art educators from the United States and Canada— suggest in both theoretical and practical terms ways to teach art that explore issues such as personal identity, difference, visual culture and the popular media, the environment, aging, and narrative, as well as examining issues of race, gender, and ethnicity. The readings provide an issues-based approach to art education and address schooling as socialization, issues as content and context, the traditions of art education, educational theories, visual art and visual culture. For future and current art educators and others interested in teaching art to children.

Paperback – 432 pages 1st  edition (June 13, 2001) Prentice Hall College Div;
ISBN: 0130886882