Green Tidings!

Mary Adams ©2013

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Cast of Characters:

All Ways: All Ways is a costumed character made to look like a puppet. That is, she is a real person with a mock-mechanized mouth dressed to look like one of the puppets.

 Actual Poipus Puppets Used:

Re Member

Re Duce

Re Use

Re Cycle


Father Time

 Important Prop:

 A large recycle symbol, commensurate in size with the life-size Poipus Puppets. This prop is in three sections. Puppets holding the sections are: Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle. These sections are arranged and put together by All Ways.

 The Play

All Puppet Voices are by Drew Kuespert

Download The Green Tidings!  Part 1 Audio File

Re Use enters from stage left and Re Cycle enters from stage right each carrying their section of the recycle symbol.

 Re Cycle: Hi Re!

Re Use: Hi Re!

 Re Duce enters from stage left carrying his section of the recycle symbol.

 Together: Hey! There’s Re! Hi Re!

Re Duce: Re! And Re! Green Tidings and what a beautiful day it is!

Re Cycle and Re Use: Green Tidings to you, too, and may all your days be green and beautiful!

Re Duce: Green is my favorite color! I love the green grass! I love the green trees! I love all the green plants!Look there’s Re Member! Hi Re!

 Re Member enters from stage left.

Re Member: Re! Re! Re! Green Tidings! Yes, green is a very beautiful color! Of course all the colors are beautiful but when we have green we have life! And the best part is that we can all help keep our world green and beautiful!

Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: Yes! We can!

Re Cycle: All we have to do is recycle and tell our friends to recycle too!

Re Member: I see you are about to go teach people to recycle right now!

Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: Oh yes! We’re ready! (They reach forward each holding their part of the recycle symbol.)

Re Member: Say, Do you remember when we all first met. Oh I remember! It was so silly! I remember you all just kept scratching your heads. I remember you just kept hanging on to those thingasingalingamajigs you called them. I remember you just couldn’t figure out what you were supposed to do with those thingasingalingamajigs. And I remember it took Allice to help you figure it out!

Re Re and Re: OOOOK Re Member!

Re Member: Actually, you did need just a little help to put it all together – I remember that. But you couldn’t figure out what those were for!

Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: OK Re Member!

 Allice enters from stage left. She is a person wearing a puppet costume.

 Re Member: Here comes Allice now! You know, I remember Allice even before she had that nice green color for her hair! Yep! I remember!

Re Re and Re: OK Re Member! Hi Alice!

Re Member: It’s not Alice – It’s Allice! Hi Allice!

Allice (All Ways): Hi Re, Re Re, and Re!Green Tidings everyone!

Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: Hi Alice!

Re Member: Allice!

Allice (All Ways): It’s Allice but you can just call me All. Or you can call me All Ways. Ways is my last name. That way you will always remember my name.

Re Cycle: Always! All Ways!

Re Duce: Now that’s really good!

Re Use: We can always remember that!

Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: Thank you Alice Ways!

Re Member: It’s not Alice Ways – It’s All Ways! Don’t you remember? Do you think you need a way to remember my name?

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle: No, Re Member! Your name we can remember!

All Ways: Here, let me help you with those. Re Duce, move a little to the right. Re Use, turn your thingalingasingmajing to the left and Re Cycle, turn yours upside down and I will help move them all together. Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle – now we’ve made the recycle symbol!

Re Duce: That’s why we three puppets with the first name of Re have the last names that we have: Duce, Use and Cycle!

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle: We puppets that are made of recyclables are supposed to teach everyone to recycle!

Re Member: Remember: It’s Re Duce, Re Use, and Re Cycle!

Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle move apart but keep the lineup order. Stage left to stage right would be Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle.

 Re Duce: Say! Where have you been All Ways? We haven’t seen you since we all got together before the new school year started.

All Ways: Here and there! I’ve been to the East Side. I’ve been to the West Side. I’ve been to the North Side. I’ve been to the South Side.

Re Member: That sounds like one of the songs from our We Have Poipus Play!

All Ways: We Have Poipus! is a play that’s on the Internet at we better explain this poipus to our friends here in the audience.

Re Use: Wait! Here comes the Decision-Maker!

 The Decision-Maker enters from stage right.

 Re Duce: He will explain poipus!

Re Cycle: It is so great that we have poipus!

 Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle in their excitement drop their pieces to the recycle symbol. All Ways shakes her head, picks up the pieces and exits stage left.

 Decision-Maker: Green Tidings everyone! I am the Decision-Maker and I’ve come with a message. First of all, I’ve come to remind you that you are greatly loved!

Re Member: We know that!

Re Duce: My mom loves me!

Re Use: My little brother loves me!

Re Cycle: My dog loves me!

Decision-Maker: Yes! But there’s an even greater love than that! I’ve also come to remind you that you are here for a purpose!

Re Use: That’s right! We have poipus!

Decision-Maker: No purpose!

Re Cycle: We have poipus!

Re Member: Here we go again!

Re Duce: Poipus! If we have poipus we must be impointant!

Decision-Maker: OK poipus! You have poipus and you are impoitant!

Re Member: We all remember our poipus, Decision-Maker! But could you explain poipus to our friends here in the audience?

Decision-Maker: Poipus means that you are part of a grand plan! You must do something good with your life. But the most impoitant thing is to let your love shine! Others, too, are here for a poipus. They, too, are impoitant. So you must realize how impoitant it is to treat yourself well and others well. We must all treat the earth right, too, because we all need the earth to live!

Re Member: We are part of a grand plan.

Re duce, Re use, Re Cycle: A grand impoitant plan!

Re Cycle: In order to do our impoitant part we must take care of ourselves so we are up to the job.

Decision-Maker: Taking care of yourself means taking care of your body AND your mind!

Re Use: We know what to do to have healthy bodies.

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle, Re Member: Everybody knows that!

Re Cycle: And we know what to do to have a healthy mind.

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Member: Yes, we do!

Decision-Maker: What should you do to have a healthy mind?

Re Member: For one thing we need to all get along.

Re Use: We need to treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Re Cycle: If someone doesn’t treat you right, just let it go!

Decision-Maker: Smart! Very smart! Good for a healthy mind!

Re Duce: Never ever hold a grudge!

Decision-Maker: Excellent! Forgive and forget!

Re Use: Don’t worry!

Decision-Maker: Worry doesn’t help!

Re Cycle: Just do what’s right!

Re Member: And if you mess up, make up and get back on track!

Decision-Maker: Those are all good things! Really good things! Reading is another good thing for the mind!

Re Duce: Reading keeps us sharp!

Re Use: Sharp as a sharp pencil!

Re Member: Reading keeps us on top of things so we know what’s going on!

Re Use: Yep! On top of things just like a hat on a snowman!

Re Cycle: Reading makes us interesting because when we read we know things!

Re Use: Just like a newscaster or a very smart parrot!

Re Duce: Reading is fun too! Sometimes we just read for entertainment!

Re Use: Fun just like going to the circus!

Re Cycle: Reading is a great way to just chill out! When we read we can escape to a distant land or another world!

Re Use: High ho and away! Escape and use your imagination! Go far, far away!

Re Member: I read to write. Reading helps my imagination when I write!

Re Use: Write when you read. The ideas just keep coming!

Re Duce: Reading can also help us understand and appreciate others!

Re Use: The more we know the more we understand!

Decision-Maker: Let’s not forget to mention how reading can help us understand how to take care of this wonderful place we share called earth!

Re Cycle: In order to recycle we need to read!

Decision-Maker: This is true! You also need to read to learn about other ways you can save the earth! For example, it is impoitant to plant trees so we have good air to breathe and we need to make sure all the animals have what they need. We need to conserve and take care of our water too.

Re Member: We need to make sure we always have nice clean air to breathe and good fresh water to drink for us and the animals!

Decision-Maker: We also need to make sure that plants have what they need. Plants need good nutrition just like you do. There are things you can do. These are good things to read up on.

Re Use: Plant trees. Help out the animals. Keep the earth healthy and a good place for all of us to live!

Re Cycle: Read to learn exactly how to do this!

Re Duce: These are all good things to do!

Re Member: Our original play was about drug awareness. Drugs are not a good thing to do!

Decision-Maker: That’s right Re Member! You will not be strong and healthy or able to appreciate life if you take drugs. If you take drugs you will not be free!

Re Cycle: It’s all about choices.

Decision-Maker: Life is full of choices. When you make your choices remember your poipus! This means you must make good choices. It’s about stewardship. You must be a good steward.

Re Use: Are we having stew for dinner?

Re Duce: I love stew!

Decision-Maker: No! It’s not about eating stew. Stewardship means you take good care of something that is very impoitant. That means take good care of yourself, respect and care for others, and respect and care for the earth. Know your worth. Know the earth. Respect your worth. Respect the earth.

Re Member, Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle: We will!

Decision-Maker: I must be going now but I will always be with you in your minds. I will help you make the right decision so you can act with precision!

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle, Re Member: Thank you Decision-Maker!

 The Decision-Maker exits stage right.


All Puppet Voices are by Drew Kuespert

Download The Green Tidings!  Part 2 Audio File

Re Member: This is all so great! Let’s do our We Have Poipus Song for our audience.

 Re Member, Re Duce, Re Use, and Re Cycle do the We Have Poipus Song with Motions.

 Re Cycle: Where’s Alice?We were so excited about our poipus that we didn’t noticeAlice leave with our recycle symbol!

Re Member: (to audience) It’s not Alice – it’s Allice!

Re Use: She was headed that way. We will need to catch up with her so we can spread the message to recycle!

Re Member: She probably went to teach people to recycle!

Re Use: Did she go east?

Re Duce: Did she go west?

Re Cycle: Did she go north?

Re Use: Or did she go south?

Re Member: People everywhere need to recycle!

Re Duce: Some of us didn’t used to recycle because we didn’t realize how impointant it is. It was Allice who taught us how impoitant it is to recycle!

Re Cycle: And it was the Decision-Maker who taught us how impoitant it is to care for each other – no matter what our color or where we are from or even if someone won’t be born for another 20 years.

Re Use: This means we treat each other the way we would like to be treated. It also means we do our part to take care of the earth so it will still be a wonderful place for future generations.

 Re Member Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle do the We’re All One (Under the Sun) Song with Motions.

 Re Use: What’s that ticking sound I hear?

Re Duce: I hear a thumping sound too!

Re Member: It’s Father Time and his clock!

 Father Time enters from stage right.

 Father Time: Green Tidings everyone! May your days be full of life and beauty!

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle and Re Member: Green Tidings Father Time! It’s so great to see you!

Father Time: And it’s so great to see you too! Re, Re and Re, I hear you’ve been doing a remarkable (pronounce: ree’ markable) job teaching everybody how to recycle! And Re I hear you’ve been doing a remarkable (ree’ markable) job reminding (ree’ minding) everyone to recycle!

Re Member, Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: Thank you Father Time!

Father Time: You’ve all been doing your homework and doing your best at school too!

Re Duce, Re Use, Re Cycle and Re Member: Yes, we have!

Re Duce: We reduced the amount of time we‘ve been spending watching TV!

Re Use: And are using that time on our homework.

Father Time: That is correct. You can reduce the amount of time for one thing and use it for something else instead but you cannot reuse or recycle your time. Plan your time and use it wisely because once it’s gone – it’s gone!

Re Duce, Re Use Re Cycle and Re Member: Oh yeah! That’s true!

Father Time: So it is important not to waste your time. Besides recycling and teaching everybody to recycle there are so many things you can do that are good uses for your time.

Re Use: I’m going to make a birdfeeder from recycled materials.

Re Member: I’m going to read about how to make food for the birds to put in your birdfeeder. I’ll make some food for the birds and grow some vegetables for all of us!

Re Cycle: I’m going to learn to juggle!

Re Duce: I’m going to study big ants and little elephants! And then I’m going to write a story about really big ants that play computer games with really small polka dotted elephants.

Father Time: Good ideas! You can get some books for all those things at your library. In fact, I’m on my way to the library now. They’ve got some good books on clocks. I want to learn more about clocks before New Years Eve. New Years Eve will be here before we know itand I will see you then!

Re Cycle: Bring Old Lang the Singer when you come back Father Time!

Father Time: It’s Auld Lang Syne. Auld Lang Syne is a song about remembering old acquaintances and trusty friends.

Re Use: Oh Yeah! Auld Lang Syne is that song everybody sings on New Year’s Eve!

Re Duce: Yeah, that’s right! (He starts to sing.) Should old acquaintances be forgot and never brought to mind?

Father Time: Auld Lang Syne is also about giving a hand and being kind. – You have all recycled and have been kind and helpful to everybody! You have all been making good and wise choices! I am so proud of all of you!

Re Member: We have really been working at trying to do the right things Father Time.

Father Time: That is exactly right Re Member! You know there are so many traps in this life and time passes so fast….sooo fast!

 Father Time, Re Member, Re Duse, Re Use and Re Cycle do the Tic Toc Song with Motions.

 Father Time: Well, Ive got to get going.

Re Member, Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle: Goodbye Father Time!

Father Time: Goodbye everybody! Remember your poipus and may all your ways be green always! Speaking of all ways here comes All Ways!

 Father Time exits stage left as All Ways enters stage left, with the parts to the recycle symbol. They greet as they pass. All ways has a poster attached to her back, which is revealed when all the puppets are directed to turn around.

All Ways: Green Tidings Father Time!

Father Time: Green Tidings All Ways!

Re Member: All Ways, you remembered our recycle symbol!

Director: This concludes our show! So long from All Ways, Re Member, Re Duce, Re Use and Re Cycle…..

 Each Character waves as the puppet’s name is called.

 Director: And take some time to READ!!!

 All Ways and all the puppets turn their backs to the audience. They reach to the sky with their arms outstretched. On her back, All Ways is wearing a poster of a puppet reading. Re Member, Re Duce, Re Use, and Re Cycle each have a large letter on his or her back which all-together spells “R E A D”.