“WE   H A V E   P O I P U S !”
By Mary Adams
copyright  1998
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The Preview is 13 minutes long and has been cut into 3 smaller sound files.

Puppet Show Preview Text

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My name is ________________, and I happen to be aware of drug problems in our nation. All over kids are making the choice to smoke – which isn’t right! My city’s schools took action against drugs and violence and put together a recording about a Puppet Show. The Puppet Show’s titled We Have Poipus! It’s about a bunch of kids – those who do smoke and those who don’t. It’s also about drugs, violence, and some bad behavior. This is a summary of the play. Listen and see what happens.

In the first scene several of the boys almost get caught smoking in the boy’s room. Their teacher Mr. Wheatbread walks in and smells smoke. Vacuum and Marbles try to evade the problem by playing dumb. Cruisertakes a different approach. (Well, I know and it is smoke and we were just getting ready to tell you about it, Mr. Wheatbread. Weren’t we guys! Uh, Yeah! I mean yeah, that’s right! Yeah that’s right! You see, this smoke was in here when we came in! Yeah! That’s it! This smoke, if that’s what it is, was in here when we came in! Well, I’m certainly glad it wasn’t you boys! Especially after we just finished talking about the dangers of smoking in health class! Yes, Mr. Wheatbread!)

Now everyone knew it was wrong to lie but no one said anything! All the students have such wonderful dreams of what they would like to be when they grow up. Well, everyone that is except for Green Meanie. She makes fun of the other students when they talk about what they would like to be. (I’m going to be a veterinarian! I just love animals! Either that or a nurse! I’m going to be a veterinarian or maybe a nurse! Green Meanie! What are you going to be? Work?! Me, work?! I ain’t doing nuthin! Why should I work!)

Green Meanie also makes fun of Ellie! Ellie is a sweet puppet although she looks like an elephant! (Yes! I do have a big belly! I like my jelly! And a long nose! That’s the way it goes! But my ears – I use my ears to listen! And you – you should listen too! You should especially listen to what the teachers and other people are saying about drugs! Well, I got to go! I think I hear a jar of jelly calling my belly!)

In scene three Father Time appears with his clock. When they hear him coming, however, all the childrenleave. (Oh dear! The children have all left and I did so want to talk to them! Gasp! I came to give them warning and to encourage them! Gasp! I want them all to know how special they are! You see there’s only one like each of them in the whole world and so they must use their talents and gifts wisely! Gasp! They must also heed the advice of others who care and want to help them! Gasp! There are so many traps in their lives and time passes so fast! So fast!) (Tic Toc Song)

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And so just like that thirty years have passed! And there have been many changes! The students who did not take drugs look wonderful and have fulfilled their dreams! However, those who took drugs fared very poorly and are greatly distressed! When they realize that Father Time left his clock there they do everything they can to try to turn back the hands. But nothing works! As a last resort, they call Ellie who is now president of the United States. (Ring! This is the Whitehouse! President Ellie Phant speaking! May I help you please? Ellie! This is your old classmates! We’re sorry we made fun of you belly! And my noes and my ears?! And you nose and your ears! I’ll never be mean again to anyone! Just help us Ellie! Please! Help us! I forgive you. Now, what can I do for you?! Ellie, we made a terrible mistake smoking and taking drugs! And being mean! I hear you! We’re sick! We have no money! We’re in trouble with the law! And we look a hundred years old!

I hear you, but you know you should have listened when we were kids! Everyone tried to tell us that cigarettes and drugs were bad! And Green Meanie, you knew you were supposed to treat others the way that you would like to be treated! Ellie! If you could just turn back the clock! Father Time – he left his clock here! My dear friends, if I could – I would! But, I can’t! Nobody can turn back the clock – not even ten presidents!)

As the students bemoan their mistakes they are awakened by the sound of a loud alarm clock! There is great rejoicing as they realize that what they saw was only a vision! It’s not too late afterall to make good choices! One by one as the puppets look around they are astonished to find that they are not alone! The Decision-Maker is there. He has come to tell them that they are greatly loved! And that they are there for a purpose! (Poipus! We got poipus?! No! Purpose! Poipus! Did you say poipus?! OK Poipus! Poipus! You mean we have a poipus for being here?! Poipus? I never knew we had poipus! Did you know we have poipus? Poipus?! Poipus! If we have poipus we must be important! Yes indeed! You are important! There’s not another one like you. Only you can do what you can do! And we can do a whole lot more if we don’t smoke cigarettes or take drugs! That is exactly right! But what exactly is our poipus?! Your poipus is to appreciate this great universe and everything in it! To do some good and not to hurt anyone!)

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From this, the students are able to understand the kind of choices they should make and how they should behave. (We Have Poipus song)

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While the puppets are singing, the Decision-Maker leaves. But he is still there with them and will always be with them in their minds! Fireball, a puppet with a short fuse becomes agitated. The other puppets who decide to help him tell him if he counts to nine he’ll be happy most the time. As they help him through the count he leaves, then reappears. (I’m back! I’ve changed! I feel so much better! And you look so much better! Your’re not all red anymore! And your veins aren’t popping out of your head anymore! And your hair stays on top of your head where it belongs!)

Green Meanie and Mousetrap, the drug dealer, also go through a transformation. Green Meanie decides to quit being mean. She will use her green thumb to make the world a more beautiful place. Mousetrap decides to quit selling drugs. He will become a good and honest businessman, creating jobs where people can feel proud of what they do. The puppets realize that they must get along, no matter where they are from or what their shape,size, or color. (We’re All One Under The Sun song)

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And so, from there on all the children would go on with their lives, fulfilling all their wonderful dreams and living their lives with POIPUS!