Students from Youngstown City’s Kirkmere Elementary School took part in an entertaining impromptu program at their school using the We Have Poipus!  Puppets.  With only about 30 minutes of instruction, kindergarten and first grade students successfully operated the puppets for an assembly of kindergarten, first and second graders.  The students had a great time making the puppets come alive to a specially made recording.  The interactive program had a theme of stewardship which included anti-bullying, recycling and a mention of not to do drugs.

Kirkmere teachers Janet Donofrio and Becky Meredith made the arrangements with their principal Donna Cox Bing for the program to take place.  Local members of Delta Kappa Gamma, an International Society of Women Educators Promoting Excellence in Education made the recording and assisted with the program.  The Delta Kappa Gamma members were Mary Adams, Agnes Campanale, Rita Herchik, Fran Kachmar, Tresa Kurz-Hedrich, Linda Smith and Joyce Swierz.