“WE   H A V E   P O I P U S !”
By Mary Adams
copyright  1998

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NARRATOR: And, so, just like that, thirty years have passed, and there have been many changes.  So many things have happened.

Scene IV: The front of the school – bars on windows – hunks of the building broken off- graffiti – trash on ground – trees larger.

(MARBLES is being chauffeured past his old school.  His son is in the back seat with him.)

MARBLES: (To his son) “You see, son, this is where I went to school, but when I came here thirty years ago, things were different.  This used to be a nice school.  Now all the windows have bars and everything is covered with graffiti.”

SON:  “Daddy, why are things so bad here?”

MARBLES: “It’s because of the drugs, son.  Everywhere here there is drugs and crime and violence.  You see, son, drugs lead to crime and violence.

(The car passes by the school and off the scene.)